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Jon Spanyol

• Composer • Producer • Arranger •

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"Jon always seems to take my last-minute music requests in his stride. His music speaks for itself, but his processes make him very easy to work with. To send out a limited brief and receive demo tracks within 24 hours which not only show complete understanding of the project but a great quality of work is a very rare thing. He instills full confidence, and that's why we will always try to work with him if he's available."


- Andy Inwood, A.I. Audio (Mind Candy, Sony Playstation)



"Brass is notoriously difficult to recreate with virtual instruments, so thankfully a crack team of players have tooted and wailed into Sample Magic's always vintage range of mics and preamps...If you want a big collection of rasping sax, trumpet and trombone licks then this is a release you need to check out."


- Future Music Magazine review of Sample Magic's Disco & Swing Brass



"Jon is quite simply one of the best musicians I know. He's a phenomenal keyboard player with an ability to improvise as well as create interesting accompaniments. He played trombone on my album and was a pleasure to work with. Imaginative, professional and highly skilled. His own production and songwriting are equally impressive. I highly recommend Jon to anyone looking for a fantastic musician."


- Jamie West, singer-songwriter